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Tiberius T15


R9 999.00


TIBERIUS ARMS T15 PAINTBALL MARKER The Tiberius Arms T15 Magazine Fed Paintball MARKER has arrived At Action Center Paintball The Tiberius T15 is the first marker of its kind, offering a true .68 caliber 1:1 AR rifle platform for the ultimate in mil-sim authenticity. The T15 utilizes a tough and durable lightweight aluminum body, built to withstand the harshest conditions on any scenario field. The Tiberius T15 features a 13ci/3000psi aluminum HPA tank integrated into the collapsible stock 13 3000 tank have lifetime hydro because of their small size . The T15 can be operated with a standard hopper or mag fed with Tiberius T15 continuous feed magazines that hold 19 First Strike Rounds or 20 standard paintballs. Complete with flip-up sights, the T15ís precision-made barrel incorporates a handguard with multiple aluminum 7/8″ tac rails for mounting bipods, scopes and other useful tactical accessories.


2 Piece Cast Aluminum Body Construction
Aluminum Quad Rail Handguard
13ci/3000psi Compressed Air Tank/ Collapsible Stock Combo
Optional On/Off Slide Check
Low Profile Flip Up Sights
2 Pin Field Strip System
Functional Charging Handle For Realism
First Strike ready
Magazines hold 19 FSR or 20 .68 cal Paintballs
Magazine and Hopper Feed
Two Magazines Included
Rigid Padded Case

tiberius t15