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Man Kung Archery & Crossbow

Man kung MK-150A1H 150LBS PISTOL CROSSBOW W/Wooden stock

(Aluminium Body)

R1815.00 Or make me an offer

The Man Kung MK-150A1H 150 lbs is a pistol crossbow with wooden stock. This recurve crossbow has the same functions and power as a recurve crossbow with a rifle stock, but is much more compact. This is a very powerful crossbow pistol with 150 lbs pound draw weigh, this make the Man Kung crossbow capable for arrow speeds up to 210 fps 230km per hour. The Man Kung crossbow is equipped with an aluminum frame and arrow barrel and making the crossbow very precise and accurate shooting. The crossbow has a hi tech fiberglass bow limb and a rail for mounting a scope or red dot. The crossbow is also equipped with a precise trigger with an automatic safety. The pistol crossbow is comes complete with two aluminum crossbow bolts and a sight. This is a very powerful crossbow pistol at an affordable price.

Weight: 1.6 kg
Length: 67cm
String length: 27 inches
Width: 26 inches
Draw weight: 150 lbs
Speed: 230 km per hour 210 fps