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Hatsan Nova Tact Compact 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun

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The tactical PCP air rifle from Turkish manufacturer Hatsan. The synthetic stock with an ambidextrous pistol grip will fit your hands perfectly.

Stock - ergonomic, made of durable polymer resistant to mechanical damage. Soft rubber inserts on the pistol grip and the middle part of the bed ensure a firm grip and emphasize the tactical look of the rifle. At the bottom of the grip, two sockets (ports) for additional magazines.

Buttstock - polymer-aluminium TTS (Tactical Telescopic Stock). Enables step-by-step length adjustment in the range of 4". (10 cm) allowing it to adjust its length to the shooter's build and preferences. The stock is suitable for left and right-handed people. Adjusting the height of the cheek pad with screws. Ventilated rubber foot absorbing shot energy. After removing the stock there is a possibility to use only the pistol grip.

Cartridge - a fixed 500 cc compressed air bottle. Fully charged, it allows to take from 115 to 150 effective shots depending on the wind turbine calibre (data for FAC* version). A built-in pressure gauge allows the pressure in the tank to be monitored and thus the level of charge.

Barrel - precision threaded 19.49" (495 mm) Hatsan Arms, ended with 1/2" UNF male thread for mounting a sound suppressor, compensator or separator. Narrowed (chocked) at the barrel outlet provides precise shot guidance and improves the accuracy of the rifle. The quality of the barrel has an impact on focus, it is one of the most important elements of any weapon or wind gun.

Mounting rail - tactical version of the wind turbine without aiming devices, with double mounting rail 11 mm / 22 mm, allows the installation of any optical target. The rail complies with MIL-STD 1913 standard (called picatinny or Weaver). Additional picatinny standard rail placed on the bed of the settlement.

Magazines - interchangeable, rotating with a capacity of 9 or 10 bullets depending on the calibre. Reloading with a two-bar side lever action. It causes stretching the "cock", turning the magazine and introducing new shot into the barrel chamber. Two magazines included.

Oxide - black-oxidized lock chamber, other elements covered with blue finish oxide.

Accessory equipment - metal swivel castors for mounting the suspension. Quick-Fill tip for quick air filling of the cartridge with a cylinder (300 bar).

Safety - the Nova Compact airgun is equipped with a number of solutions to improve comfort and safety:
- Quattro Trigger, 2-stage adjustable trigger mechanism (adjustable pressure and trigger length). It allows to customize trigger characteristics to the user's requirements, thus improving accuracy and ease of firing.
- Anti-Double-Pellet Feed, mechanism to prevent more than one pellet from being loaded into the barrel.
- Anti-Knock System®, a patented system to prevent the loss of compressed air in the event of a mechanical impact by a pellet gun.
Hatsan Nova Tact Compact 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun


Calibers - 5.5mm
Max. Muzzle Velocity - 315m/s 1030fps
Energy  Joules - 53.5
Magazine Capacity - 10
Air Tube Volume - 500cc
Fill Pressure - 250 BAR
Number of Shots at Optimal Velocity - 150
Stock  - Tactical Telescopic Stock Adjustable Comb Advanced Polymer Grip.
Overall Length - Butt Shortened: 940mm - Extended: 1045mm
Barrel Length - 495mm
Average Weight - 4.43kg
Rear Sight - 0.9mm - green
Front Sight - 1.5mm - red

Hatsan Nova Tact Compact 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun
Hatsan Nova Tact Compact 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun

Hatsan Nova Tact Compact 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun

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