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Brocock Concept Lite XR 5.5mm

R29 999.00 Or make an offer

(Optic not included)

The new Concept Lite XR from Brocock LTD is a tactical style air rifle that will impress the most critical and discerning shooter.
It started with assault rifles, and has now spread to airguns, that is the modular gun platform.

Concept: because this rifle can be adapted to be anything you want it to be: light because this rifle weighs under 3 kg in its base model configuration. Sporting a special telescopic rifle butt, synthetic AK pistol grip and three picatinny-style forend rails, the concept lights is the ideal choice for hunters looking for a small, compact yet powerful carbine -style rifle.

Fitted with a very latest and greatest Huma-Air regulator and high-grade shrouded barrel, the concept light can produce up to 52 joules of energy, while delivering record number of shots.

To improve the speed and accuracy or re-loading, the new rifle uses a slicker side bolt for faster repeating shot from its 10 shot magazine.


Overall Length: 838mm
Barrel: 431mm
Weight (unscoped):2.9 kg
Calibre: .22 (5.5 mm)
Valve Type: Huma-Air Regulator
Magazine: 10-Shot rotary, removable
Air Source: Cylinder (150cc)
Max Power:.30 ft/lbs (41J)
Max Shot Count: up to 150 shots (12 Fpe .22 calibre)
Trigger: Two stage adjustable
Brocock Concept Lite XR 5.5mm
Brocock Concept Lite XR 5.5mm

(Optic not included)

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