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SPA Artemis SR1400F 4.5mm/ 5.5mm Nitro Piston with Bipod

R2 100.00 Purchase/Enquire/Offer


Artemis SPA SR1400F brings this new Nitro Piston rifle, break action. Polymer cylinder head with non-slip rubber grip. With fiber optic sights. And a speed of up to 1000 FPS

Caliber: 5.5 mm (.22)
Power Source: Nitro Piston
Trigger System: Single shot by barrel break
Power: up to 1000 FPS
Effective Range: 70 meters
Type of pellets: Lead pellets
Weight: 2,900 kg
Barrel Length: 46 cm.
Barrel Rifling: Micro-striated
Barrel material: Steel
Cylinder head type: Ergonomic mount with Soft Grip
Cylinder head material: Polymer with non-slip rubberized grip
Sights: Fiber optic
11 mm rail for telescopic sight
2 lateral picatinny rails
manual trigger lock
SPA Artemis SR1400S 4.5mm/ 5.5mm Nitro Piston with Bipod

2019 PL Dogon