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5.5mm  R6 500.00

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 Artemis M11 5.5mm PCP Pellet Gun

Artemis M11 5.5mm PCP pellet gun with smooth cocking bolt handle & magazine fitted onto its breech. High muzzle energy with dozens of effective shots.Quick fit suppressor & two-stage adjustable trigger.

Caliber: 5.5 mm
Velocity: with 1gram pellets 1000 fps approx. 50 shots at full power
Trigger: 2 stage adjustable
Safety: Manual
Fill Pressure: Max. 20MPa
Volume: 250cc
Regulator: Optional Extra regulating from 500-1000 fps
Magazine: 11 Pellets
Suppressor: Split
L.W.H.: 1170,48,60 mm
Mass: 3.5kg

Artemis M11 5.5mm Small

Artemis M11 Bolt

Artemis M11 5.5mm PCP loading

Artemis M11 5.5mm Mag

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