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Adaptive Armament would like to introduce their newest AEG, the Specter Scout. This M4 variant rifle has a long list of features that make the Specter Scout stand out when put up against similar style rifles. This rifle is built with a sturdy full metal body and one piece barrel, ensuring your rifle is ready for the most harsh battle conditions without risking integrity. The locking bolt with functional release adds to the overall realism of this replica, making this a fun weapon for airsoft enthusiasts. With the integrated multi-position adjustable rear stock, players of all sizes can use this rifle with no limitations and can easily be adjusted for CQB and long range engagements. The 15 of MLOK Mounting Surface on the top of the rifle and handguard allows for players to customize this rifle how they see fit by adding accessories like Optic Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Grips, and Tactical Lasers or Flashlights. The rifle also comes with adjustable flip-up front and rear polymer sights so you can zero in your target accurately even in CQB situations where using an optic scope may prove difficult. Ambidextrous fire controls, magazine release, and bolt release make it so both left and right handed players can maneuver this rifle with ease. Internally, the Adaptive Armament Specter Scout is fitted with a programmable MOSFET with integrated battery protection and adjustable firing modes. This features greatly helps prevent your gearbox from locking up and becoming damaged. The adjustable firing modes allow you to control the ROF and burst options on the airsoft gun to however you seem fit. Combined with the micro switch trigger, the Specter Scout shoots with great response. On top of all that, a 6.03mm tight bore inner is preinstalled to excel in range and accuracy. The next level gearbox features reinforced 9mm bearing bushing set and also hosts the reinforced piston and padded cylinder head to have this ready to use with a LiPo battery. The low resistance wiring combined with the MOSFET will also protect the airsoft gun from the high current of a LiPo battery and greatly reduces the chance of a short. The integrated Quick Change Spring system allows players to quickly and easily modify the spring within the gearbox, without having to dismantle the entire gearbox itself. Utilize the adjustable hop-up accessible once you lock back the imitation bolt, to account for target range and wind conditions in order to get that perfect shot. By combining a durable full metal build with the power and accuracy needed to take out the competition, the Specter Scout from Adaptive Armament is an AEG that will surely resonate with players of all skill levels and play styles. Features: Color: Black 350 FPS (0.20g BB) Magazine: 400rds Weight: 5.25lbs Inner Barrel: 393mm Barrel Diameter: 6.03mm Melonite Coated Steel Tight Bore Full Metal Receivers and Body 15 of Available MLOK Rail Space Polymer Adjustable Crane Style Stock Metal Gearbox Reinforced Piston and Padded Cylinder Head Micro Switch Trigger w/ Burst Option Integrated Inline Programmable MOSFET with ROF Adjustment Built-in Battery Protection Ambidextrous Fire Controls, Magazine Release, and Bolt Release Ambidextrous Quick Detach Sling Mount Low Resistance Rear Wiring Harness Seven (7) Rows of MLOK Mounting Surface Front and Rear Polymer Flip-up Sights Locking Bolt with Functional Release Adjustable Hop-up Integrated Quick Change Spring System Safe / Semi / Full Auto Note: Battery and Charger DOES NOT come with purchase of rifle.

2019 Paul L Dogon